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Food & Drink

Without food and drink even a genius can not!

Without food & drink, the hero is not enough!

In the charming little Slusebyen Ørje, there are good opportunities to enjoy yourself both before and after the SOOT game. Slow down and experience the charming sluice idyll! How about having lunch at the cozy Båtcaféen - practically on the Haldenkanalen? Or at the pleasant Bakergaarden up in the city centre. The place with the little extra! If you want a quick alternative, Butt's Tandori in Storgata is a good alternative.


In the middle of Storgata is also the local food outlet Food dish Ørje and Ørje Kaffebrenneri. Here you will find local food and drink from over 30 of the region's producers. In the sale  local Ørje coffee is also roasted, so you hardly get fresher coffee beans. In SOOTspel week, SOOT coffee, Fløtær beer, Fløtær coffee and everything else that goes with it is of course sold. Throughout the summer season, the small summer-open Matfatetbua down by the locks is also open. The same good selection as in the store in Storgata. Only on a smaller scale. Stop by and get a taste of the entire Haldenkanalen for you too! 

Experience more?
Stay an extra day or two. Breathe out, relax and experience art, culture, history and the beautiful nature with us!
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