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Breathe out, relax and experience art, culture, history and the beautiful nature with us!

The lock town of Ørje

- Pleasant atmosphere and exciting experiences with historical buzz!

The lock town Ørje is one of the lock sites in the 8-mile-long Haldenkanalen. Here in the middle of historic surroundings, with the history of timber rafting as a backdrop, is our unique outdoor scene. 


Ørje locks have a total lifting height of 10 metres, and the locks are still operated by hand, as when they were opened in 1860. Ørje has Norway's largest collection of steamboats, and the active steamboat environment leaves a historical mark on the surroundings. The lock area and Ørje Bridge form a distinctive setting for the performance itself and all the activities that take place during the game days.


Leave plenty of time before the game to experience more of the charming sluice town. Have lunch at the cozy Båtcaféen - practically on the Haldenkanalen. And check out the cozy shops and eateries in the city centre. Did you know that Ørje is known for its many pleasant niche shops? 


At the Canal Museum you can learn more about the history of timber floating and the construction of the canal, and in a separate part of the museum you can learn more about the wildlife around the waterway. Take a dip in Tangen or cycle along the Haldenkanalen on a pedal bike. By the way, have you ever wondered how it feels to sit in a small canoe and at the same time be sluiced up and down many metres? Try it! 

As the start of the game approaches, the utility area down by the locks comes to life. Here, before all the performances, there is a sales market with bustling folk life and the sale of craft products and local food. Sit down at one of the tables and enjoy the afternoon.

See & do in Slusebyen Ørje
What's going on in Slusebyen Ørje?
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The Halden canal

- Offers great experiences for young and old!

The Halden Canal is the oldest of the two canals in Norway. This exciting waterway with Northern Europe's highest continuous lock staircase - Brekke locks, stretches from Skulerud in the north to Tistedal in the south, almost 8 miles.


The Halden Canal is a special cultural monument, and in recent years the canal has been put in good condition so that you can now travel from north to south, passing through three lock sites and five lakes on the way. There are many great experiences in and along the canal. Here you can paddle or drive a boat through idyllic lakes and impressive lock systems - in a beautiful landscape with many interesting cultural monuments. And here you can swim, fish, eat, experience art and culture, live and experience the beautiful nature!

In the Haldenkanalen you can also experience Europe's longest suspension bridge in a Via Ferrata. A 124.3 m long suspension bridge 15 meters above the Haldenkanalen at Brekke locks, an exciting climbing trail and a 250m long zipline are just some of what awaits you in the Via Ferrata Haldenkanalen this summer. The facility is suitable for children aged 10 and up, so the whole family can have fun together!

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