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Inger Marie - His father's daughter

Now it's finally time to get to know Inger Marie - Her father's daughter! She who was most like her father, who followed him through thick and thin and went into death on the day of his funeral.


Inger Marie Soot's story is the story of a strong woman who, through a dramatic life, gets to test her strength to the fullest. A strong story of motherly love, political games, unrequited love, historical milestones and a girl who also hears the song from the stream.


Inger Marie admires her father boundlessly and has followed in his footsteps since she was a little girl. She becomes his great support and help, but Engebret Soot fails his daughter when it comes to obtaining benefits so he can follow his own dreams.

We already met her in SOOTspelet - "The Song of Sootbekken" where Engebret proudly held her firstborn in her arms, and we followed their very close relationship through thick and thin through life, all the way to the end of the road when they enter "the last sluice gate" together . 

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